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Wind Turbine CapEx Investment vs Power R

Over the past 40 years of the wind industry’s development, wind turbine manufacturing companies have spent $33.4 billion on product development. That investment has led to the deployment of more than 390,000 wind turbines globally.

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To achieve a solid return on capital, which exceeds parity to what was invested and results in the product development leading to a profitable product, companies must proactively pursue a strategy for product development and global sales which ensures net positive ROC is achievable

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To achieve solid global sales for aftermarket components or services, supply chain companies must proactively pursue a strategy for product positioning using a robust data analytics platform

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Collectively, the industry will spend approximately US$28.2B in private R&D by 2028, matched with approximately US$8.7B in public R&D funding over the same time-frame

BP Wind Energy Patent Infringement Liabi

With billions of dollars at risk and business interruption insurance not sufficient to cover the losses associated with a renewable energy asset shutdown due to an injunction resulting from an intellectual property (IP) litigation, project developers need to recognize the market reality of continuing to ignore IP risks

Since 1995 the wind energy industry has suffered more than US$5.2 billion in commercial losses associated with intellectual property (IP) risks which went unmitigated & could have been avoided

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