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US$9,995.00 per year

8.495€ per year

8.495€ per year

21.495€ per year

51.495€ per year

17.495€ per year

13.495€ per year

14.995€ per year

Company Tier Subscription

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Product Details

See for a full description of content and functionality which is included

This subscription is for a 1 year term

Pricing on all tiers corresponds to an enterprise license with up to 20 named users who are part of the same company / user domain

If you require more than 20 users to have access, please contact us for a quotation on a custom tier

The subscription you select shall auto-renew on an annual basis unless it is cancelled in writing +60 days prior to the end of the current license term

For renewal of service, an invoice shall be sent automatically and shall be payable within net 30 days of the invoice date

Failure to pay may result in restriction of service

Upgrades to higher tier of service will be permitted on a pro-rated basis for the current license term

Downgrades to lower tier of service are NOT permitted during the current license term

Downgrades to a lower tier of service are allowable after the current license term expires assuming IntelStor™ is notified in writing of the intent to downgrade tiers +60 days in advance of the renewal date specified in the license agreement

License is subject to approval of terms and conditions of IntelStor™ use at

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Energy Data Alliance

IntelStor subscription tier discounts are available for data contributors who are members of the

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