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Global Wind Energy Asset Ranking Report

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We begin the analysis by investigating the global installed base of wind turbine assets. This global project database of more than 384,100 wind turbines has been filtered to show only operational assets from each global market.

Next, a filtering of that operational capacity was undertaken in order to identify the asset owners with at least 100 MW of operational capacity in each market. A corresponding ranking showing the installed base by asset owner in each country is shown.

The operational wind turbines in these global markets have been ranked with a low, medium or high probability of underperformance, indicating a likely need for service from an asset performance and optimization platform. The ranking is based upon factors including asset age, whether the specific turbine model is still offered for sale, the type of service contract which is utilized on that project and the typical performance profile for the make and model.

The capacity weighted averages of the low medium and high rankings are broken down by global market and also by owner in order to provide a relative benchmark for each country against each other, as well as each asset owner versus the others in the same market.

The individual projects for each asset owner are then shown with the corresponding ranking on a per model basis. Charts showing asset age and distribution of assets based upon the type of service and maintenance contract which may be in place is also shown. The asset owners with the oldest assets under a self-performance maintenance model will be the most highly favored.

The comprehensive asset portfolio for each owner in their respective countries is shown which includes the analysis of asset age and a breakdown of models by turbine vendor. The prioritization shown is an indicator of which projects can be targeted for a service offering.

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