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SGRE Power Rating vs Rotor Size.png
SGRE Power Rating vs Specific Power.png
SGRE 2018 Cumulative Global Product Sale
SGRE 2018 Cumulative Buying Pattern.png
SGRE Legacy Product Rated Power Variatio
SGRE BOM Cost Benchmarking.png
Vestas V117 3.X Detailed Product Specs.p
Vestas V117 3.3 Power Curve.png
Enercon E-70 2.3MW Noise Curves.png
Vestas V126 3.3 Loads Tables.png
SGRE G90 2018 Cumulative Capacity.png
SGRE G90 2010 Annual Selling Pattern.png
Enercon E-70 2.3MW Rated Power Variation
BOM Cost Summary.png

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