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IntelStor™ is used by the Entire Industry

Project Financiers and Sponsors
Renewable energy project financiers & sponsors use IntelStor™ to identify bankable projects which can utilize reliable products. Smarter investment decisions based on real-time market intelligence data are a button click away with IntelStor™.
Corporate executives use IntelStor™ to justify their investment decisions on R&D budget for new product development, benchmark CapEx expenditure for new market entry, and also undertake mitigation of their patent infringement risks.
Marketing Managers
Marketing managers love IntelStor™, because it helps them tell a more compelling story about why their products and services are the best fit in the market. The IntelStor™ tools at their disposal help them to create a narrative which results in additional sales and capacity additions.
Intellectual Property Managers
IP and patent managers use IntelStor™ to present industry and competitor technology innovation trends to their top management. IntelStor™ has over 52,000 globally filed patents on wind turbine technology, and the landscape is analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively to maximize value.
Project Developers
Renewable energy project developers use IntelStor™ to comparison shop for wind turbines. They see how any make and model has been selling globally and they can benchmark the bill of materials cost vs. the quotations they have received.
Sales and Business Development
Sales executives love IntelStor™ because they can benchmark the likely competition in a competitive tender / auction to ensure they are positioning and pricing their wind turbine product or service correctly. Bid intelligence is energized with IntelStor™.
Product Development
Product development managers love IntelStor™ because they can anticipate future trends in the markets and benchmark their next generation products against anticipated new models from competitors. Use IntelStor™ to uncover gaps you didn’t even know existed with a deeper level of data.
Patent Attorneys
Patent attorneys use IntelStor™ to evaluate the IP landscape and identify trends in industry patent filings as well as competitively benchmark their portfolios. Infringement risk analytics are available on more than 1,200 wind turbine makes and models at the push of a button thanks to IntelStor™.
Insurance Brokers and Underwriters
Insurance underwriters love IntelStor™ because it gives them clarity on the premiums they can charge for a Business Interruption policy. That’s because they can quantify potential patent infringement risks on any make and model sold globally and handicap the likelihood that a project will be subject to an operational injunction.
Supply Chain Directors
Supply chain managers use IntelStor™ to benchmark global sales of the wind turbines they want to source and determine the 'should cost' of any make and model using the Bill of Materials (BOM) cost benchmarking.
Engineers and Technicians
Engineers use Intelstor™ to measure technology maturity levels of new innovations, track the likelihood of commercial introduction, and benchmark the cost for those new products or services. Visualize the technology roadmaps for key industry innovations, the latest O&M technologies, as well as trends in data licensing business models.
Risk Managers
Risk managers love Intelstor™ because they can quantify & mitigate product & wind energy project risks early in the diligence lifecycle. Product performance benchmarking and intellectual property risk quantification are all in one convenient place thanks to IntelStor™.
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