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Read the daily news which is automatically aggregated by IntelStor™ using advanced machine-learning algorithms which have been expertly trained to identify important stories, plus weed out the duplicates from multiple news outlets & false positive articles to give you only the best 

Know why a story is important with context from the

IntelStor™ platform on companies, countries, products / services & technologies that are discussed in the daily news

Want to go Premium?

The Premium Daily Intelligence Brief exclusively from IntelStor™ allows you to filter your news feed so you only see the content you care about

Premium allows you to create metatag profiles to track your company, competitors, key markets, new technologies and more. Get this filtered content online and in your e-mail

Premium News.png

The online version of the Daily Intelligence Brief will now include a chart showing the breakdown of unique media mentions for all metatags / keywords in the article list for that day.


This daily digest will help you determine if there are industry trends you should be tracking more closely.

Metatag Tracking

Global Wind Energy Sector Media Monitori

IntelStor's online media monitoring allows you to get unique intelligence on your own company, your customers, competitors, key markets, or even new technologies being developed by tracking unique media mentions of online news from more than 2,800 sources.

Media Monitoring Reports


IntelStor offers the most comprehensive aggregation of unique content related to wind energy in the world, and now we're proud to offer our users even more value.

This is the perfect tool for your entire organization, from marketing & PR, to sales, to legal, to engineering, to services and more.

Metatag Frequency

DIB Source Tracking.png
DIB Metatag Tracking.png

IntelStor's data analytics will enable you to see the frequency of media mentions over time for the keywords / metatags you select and save in your user profile.


You can even create multiple news profiles, each with a unique set of keywords / metatags to help you keep track of your own company, your customers, your competitors, new markets you're looking to enter, or even emerging areas of technology.

Metatag Analytics

Metatag Mentions.png

With IntelStor you can use our advanced online media monitoring data analytics to see the correlation of media mentions for the keywords / metatags you select and save in your user profile. This helps you craft a more effective message which has a higher probability of optimizing your SEO score with your content.

Metatag Correlation


IntelStor has amassed more than 76,000 news articles and industry publications, including more than 13,000 in the past year alone. You can instantly see a breakdown of all references for either the onshore or offshore market segments, or filter your news by global region.

Market Segmentation

DIB Source Tracking.png

The IntelStor Daily Intelligence Brief can now be complimented by our industry media monitoring service. This allows you to track the news by topic, region, or any one of over 6,800 unique keywords / metatags with articles from over 2,800 online media outlets.

Media Source Analytics

DIB Source Market Segmentation.png

IntelStor's data analytics will enable you to see the frequency of media mentions over time for a single media source with a breakdown by market segment.

Source Market Segmentation

DIB Source Metatag Tracking.png

IntelStor's online media monitoring allows you to see the most frequently referenced metatags for each media source. This can be invaluable when developing a media outreach and go to market strategy.

Source Metatag Analytics


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